Baidu SEO Algorithms Index
Baidu SEO Algorithm

Baidu, often referred to as the “Google of China,” is the primary gateway to the digital world for millions of Chinese users. Behind its user-friendly exterior, Baidu employs complex algorithms for precise search results, making Baidu SEO knowledge crucial. However, due to the language barrier, the algorithms are a myth to marketers overseas. We have […]

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China Outdoor Sports Market
China Outdoor Sports

During the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns ignited a considerable surge in Chinese enthusiasm for outdoor sports. The China outdoor sports market has emerged as a highly promising business sector. A 2021 survey unveiled that an impressive 84% of Chinese residents were strongly interested in outdoor sports. In 2022, the Chinese government took a significant step by […]

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Post Pandemic Chinese Consumers Landscape
Post Pandemic China's Consumer Landscape

In the wake of the pandemic, China’s consumer market is at a crossroads, balancing challenges and opportunities. With the aim of reigniting economic growth, the government has implemented new initiatives to encourage spending. These efforts have sparked notable transformations in consumer behavior among Chinese consumers, shaping the landscape of the market. On a global scale, […]

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Baidu Search Advertising – Baidu PPC
Baidu PPC

Baidu, the largest Chinese language search engine globally, wields significant influence over Chinese internet users, providing them access to an extensive wealth of information and serving as their primary gateway to the online world. Leveraging advanced technology and a profound comprehension of search trends in Chinese, Baidu maintains a commanding lead in China’s search engine […]

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Tap into the Chinese Education Market
Chinese education market

Chinese Education Market:Following the containment of the COVID-19 pandemic and the relaxation of international travel policies across diverse nations, the study abroad sector for Chinese students is experiencing a gradual resurgence. According to the “2023 Chinese Study Abroad White Paper,” published by EIC Education, the trend of Chinese students pursuing overseas education has demonstrated a […]

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Zhihu – Chinese Q&A Platform
Chinese Q&A Platform —— Zhihu

Zhihu, the most popular Q&A platform in mainland China, was established on January 26, 2011, and is similar to the American platform Quora. Zhihu officially opened for registration in 2013 and achieved a user base of over 100 million in September 2017. As per Zhihu’s user data report, over the past decade, it has gathered […]

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Xiaohongshu Ads: Unleashing Success in the Chinese Market
Xiaohongshu Ads

Kantar’s China Digital Advertising Market Research Report (2020) highlighted Xiaohongshu as the digital media platform with the most significant advertising value in the Chinese market, illustrating its strong appeal to consumers and the potential benefits brands can generate. Boasting a monthly active user base of more than 200 million, Xiaohongshu has demonstrated its effectiveness in […]

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Use Baidu DMP – Guan Xing Pan To Target Your Audience
Baidu DMP

Baidu, the largest Chinese-language search engine in the world, holds over 70% market share in China and boasts a staggering 600 million monthly active users. As a crucial platform for digital marketing in China, Baidu offers comprehensive commercialisation tools that cover every marketing scene and ensure that advertising content reaches the target audience efficiently and […]

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China 618 Mid-year Shopping Festival
China e-commerce

The China 618 Shopping Festival is an annual promotional event initiated by, a leading e-commerce powerhouse in China, as a tribute to its founding day. Alongside the Singles’ Day(Double 11) shopping festival introduced by its prominent competitor, Taobao, the 618 Shopping Festival has evolved into one of the most highly anticipated promotions on Chinese […]

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