Bright World expands its business in China with combined SEO and PPC campaign

UK Leading Guardianship Company

Slow growth in China prompted the UK’s leader in guardianship services to engage CMC to turbocharge its marketing efforts through a combination of SEO and a PPC campaign.

Bright World is the UK’s leading provider of guardianship services offering host family services, school placement advice, and educational guardian support to students studying in the UK and their families.

China is a vital market for Bright World, but it was struggling to grow its business there – online lead generation was unsuccessful and the website was not attracting customers. CMC was tasked with turning things around.

Education marketing SEO China

We conducted a comprehensive assessment of the website and digital marketing efforts in China to identify and prioritise the issues that needed to be addressed.

Our technical experts fixed a range of technical issues preventing the site from ranking highly on local search engines. We then optimised individual pages and implemented a content marketing strategy tailored specifically to the Chinese education market.

We revamped Bright World’s approach to PPC, conducting new keyword research and developing a successful new campaign to boost brand visibility. CMC’s support enabled Bright World to connect with more customers and generate more leads in China education market – with conversions year-on-year increasing by 48%.

Education marketing case study China