What We Do

We specialise in delivering performance-driven marketing services tailored to unlocking the limitless opportunities in the Chinese market. With access to over a billion consumers, China stands as a global economic powerhouse. Our mission is to provide clients with the necessary guidance to tap into this potential and achieve tangible results.

Comprehensive Marketing Services

Our wide range of marketing services is designed to meet each client’s unique needs. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions from search engine optimization, paid media, and social media marketing to localization, consultancy, digital PR, and more. We pride ourselves on providing deep local insights and unmatched marketing expertise that enables clients to transform aspirations into achievements.

Results-Driven Approach

At CMC, we go beyond just providing reports; we are committed to delivering impactful marketing campaigns tailored to clients’ specific business objectives. Whether venturing into the Chinese market for the first time or expanding reach through platforms like Baidu, our unwavering focus on business objectives guarantees successful results.

Expert Guidance and Exceptional Team

Our ability to deliver results and our exceptional team sets us apart. We recognize that success in the Chinese market requires expert guidance to navigate its complexities. Therefore, we operate in close partnership with clients, providing specialist advice. Our success hinges on theirs. At CMC, we are committed to your success and thrive when our clients do.

If you want to enter the Chinese market and achieve unparalleled success, partner with us at CMC. We are your ultimate guide to marketing in China.