Education services provider generates more leads thanks to localised CRM solution

CMC’s delivery of a localised CRM solution enabled a provider of services in the education sector to address poor conversions from its Chinese website.

Our client – a services provider headquartered in Western Europe – had invested significantly in its website and digital marketing efforts in China, but was struggling with poorer than expected conversions. CMC was engaged to investigate the problem and identify solutions that would ensure the business would continue to develop leads from its Chinese website.

We identified technical factors leading to page load times in China being longer than internet users there are used to. Moreover, the client’s lead generation forms failed to submit correctly from China.

As re-hosting the entire website from within China was outside of the client’s budget, we recommended a cost-effective localised CRM system to be deployed uniquely for the Chinese market. This solution enabled the client to quickly create and launch new lead generation forms which load quickly for Chinese users and can easily be shared on mobile devices. We designed and delivered new forms for the client. Our recommended solution enabled Chinese customers to complete lead generation forms quickly and led to a rapid improvement in conversions.