China Programmatic Advertising Trend

The way people browse the internet has changed, a large amount of time is spent on mobile.

China has a mobile penetration of 99.8%, according to the national research conducted by China Internet Network Information Center. 

The 51st Statistical Report on Internet Development in China

The fragmented online time is mostly split between different APPs and websites and it becomes even more difficult to target Chinese audiences at one place.
The change of user behaviours online drives the revolution of marketing as well. Even the Chinese search engines themselves are introducing a different type of advertising options, such as native ads, news feed ads, and the DSP ads to grasp more traffic.

Using one single marketing channel is clearly not enough to target the Chinese customers effectively, a smart alternative is needed to effectively target users online.

Programmatic digital display ad spending in China will reach $29.61 billion (RMB196.73 billion) in 2019, nearly double the amount allocated in 2017, with mobile accounting for 86.9% of outlays.

Programmatic Advertising in China: eMarketer’s Updated Forecast and Estimates
China Programmatic Advertising Spending in China Forecast- eMarketer 2015-2019
China Programmatic Advertising Spending in China, 2015-2019

China Programmatic Advertising Options

Programmatic advertising in China is likely to be the cure to the challenge.
There are many options in the China market, however, the results will depend on the reach of the networks and the technology and data resource behind.

Regardless the differences among different networks, it normally can target users by combining the following targeting options:
• Demographic information
• Interests
• Online search behaviour
• Online browsing behaviour
• Locations

If the consumer persona is well refined, it is possible to combine the above targeting options to categorise the audiences online into different stages of their buying journey. And target them effectively at the right time and the right place with the right message.

The reach of the programmatic ads is immense, however, like other display and video ads, the verdict is low CTR. Therefore, it is important to understand it is a process of finding the new customers and expand the reach. So there will be some rejections on the way, by filtering irrelevant traffic out, it will eventually find the right customers. Machine learning will help refine the targeting options with time.

China Programmatic Advertising Services

Our China Programmatic Advertising Services

Programmatic advertising is an excellent addition to paid search advertising. It enables advertisers to deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time, and reach the best performance of the campaign.
The vast amount of data accumulated in the process also helps brands to understand the customers and better target them in the future.

Either a quick exposure or long-term retargeting campaign, programmatic advertising ads are very effective.

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