Baidu Search Advertising – Baidu PPC
Baidu PPC

Baidu, the largest Chinese language search engine globally, wields significant influence over Chinese internet users, providing them access to extensive wealth of information and serving as their primary gateway to the online world. Leveraging advanced technology and a profound comprehension of search trends in Chinese. Baidu maintains a commanding lead in China’s search engine market […]

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Use Baidu DMP – Guan Xing Pan To Target Your Audience
Baidu DMP

Baidu, the largest Chinese-language search engine in the world, holds over 70% market share in China and boasts a staggering 600 million monthly active users. As a crucial platform for digital marketing in China, Baidu offers a set of comprehensive commercialisation tools that covers every marketing scene and ensures that advertising content reaches the target […]

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Chinese Students Summer Holiday Expense Overview
Chinese Students Summer Holiday Expense

In China, most of the schools start the summer holiday at the end of June or early July every year, and students return at the end of August or beginning of September. The whole summer holiday will last for nearly two months. The expense occurring during the 2 months could account for 20% of annual […]

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Introduce 360 Search
360 search

360 Search – The 2nd largest Chinese search engine 360 Search is another Chinese search engine you must know besides Baidu! Although Baidu is still the largest local search engine in China, and it is the first option for most of the marketers when expanding their reach in China, Baidu only accounts for half of […]

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