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Baidu CDP – Aifanfan | China Marketing Corp

Aifanfan, Baidu’s Customer Data Platform (CDP), is the pivotal “all-in-one intelligent marketing manager” within Baidu’s marketing ecosystem. 

It collaborates with the Baidu Marketing platform to enhance your advertising efforts, streamline data analysis, and supercharge lead generation. By harnessing the power of Aifanfan, your Baidu PPC projects can be executed with greater efficiency and effectiveness, bolstering your online presence and business growth.

Baidu CDP Aifanfan

Unlock the full potential of your business with Baidu CDP – Aifanfan:

  • If you currently have a Baidu PPC account, you can seamlessly integrate Aifanfan into your account. Simply log in to your Baidu PPC account centre, where you’ll find the option to get started with the free basic version of Aifanfan.
  • If you’re new to Baidu PPC and haven’t created an account yet, don’t worry! You can easily sign up for an Aifanfan account on its official website.

Leveraging Baidu’s robust AI and extensive data capabilities, Aifanfan empowers businesses to establish an intelligent marketing cycle that spans from lead generation to fine-tuned operations and, ultimately, customer communication and management. 

Baidu CDP Aifanfan – Lead Generation:

1. Tender Platform 

This function involves real-time aggregating bidding and procurement data across the network, meticulously filtering valuable information, and presenting comprehensive business opportunities to enterprise users. It enables businesses to stay up-to-date with potential leads efficiently.

2. Business Card

Enhancing the authoritative image of enterprises in search results. It displays the verification logos of these enterprises, instilling trust in users. Moreover, it streamlines communication by enabling users to directly access enterprise contact information for inquiries, thereby facilitating rapid connections between customers and businesses.

3. AI-Enhanced Solution

Drawing upon Baidu’s AI and significant data capabilities, Aifanfan’s intelligent tools incorporate the unique attributes and industry characteristics of enterprises. This enables precise optimisation solutions, ensuring that businesses reach their target audience effectively.

Baidu CDP Aifanfan: Customer Communication

Aifan offers an all-in-one customer service workbench featuring tools for customer search and communication. This seamlessly integrates with Baidu marketing and supports accessing data sources like official websites and WeChat public accounts, empowering enterprises to connect with a broader customer base efficiently.

1. Communication tool

Aifanfan supports communication requests through various channels, offering 24/7 robot-assisted reception. It can initiate communication or respond based on visitor behaviour. 

For customers from different channels, the system automatically analyses callback data and tags users, continually optimizing the precision of advertising delivery.

2.Business phone number

The dial-out number provided by Aifanfan supports geographical selection, allowing enterprises to opt for the same geographical area as their target customers. This enhances the connection rate and improves the lead conversion rate.

Furthermore, Aifanfan’s business phone number can be reached from multiple lines, enhancing the efficiency of the sales team.

Baidu CDP Aifanfan: Customer Relationship Management

Aifanfan’s lead manager assists enterprises in automatically gathering real-time leads from PPC ads. This is achieved through flexible configurations of a multi-lead customer data pool, automatic lead allocation, and filtering rules. It effectively manages individual leads, aiding enterprises in reaching their marketing objectives.

1. Leads management

Aifanfan gathers advertising leads from various platforms on Baidu, providing enterprises with the means to meet their sales requirements and tap into significant conversion potential.

2.oCPC Advertising optimisation

When an enterprise runs oCPC ads on Baidu, Aifanfan can seamlessly synchronise with the Baidu advertising platform in real-time, fine-tuning the ad delivery for optimal results based on customer behaviour during the sales follow-up process.

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, Aifanfan, Baidu’s Customer Data Platform, emerges as the go-to solution, serving as the central intelligence hub for businesses.