The global market is constantly evolving, but nowhere is this more evident than in China, where change happens at an unprecedented pace. Embracing this change requires a deep understanding of consumer behaviour and the ability to act on insights, make data-driven decisions, and optimize marketing expenditures.

Our extensive market knowledge and local partnerships enable you to forge stronger customer connections at China Marketing Solutions. Our performance-driven marketing solutions empower your business to achieve sustainable growth, whether online or offline.

Performance-Driven Marketing

At CMC, we specialize in designing and executing integrated digital marketing campaigns across various channels. With our proven track record, we understand what strategies yield results and which ones do not. Our close collaborations with China’s leading search and advertising platforms ensure optimal outcomes for your SEO, paid search, programmatic marketing, and social media efforts. Leveraging our local insights, we excel in influencer marketing and brand building on social media platforms.

Strategic Consulting

With over a decade of experience connecting global brands with Chinese consumers, CMC offers unparalleled strategic consulting services. Drawing from our wealth of experience, we provide tailored consultancy and research support to help companies assess market demand, formulate market entry strategies, and navigate complex issues such as technology and intellectual property. As your trusted local partner, we offer invaluable advice to ensure your success in the dynamic Chinese market.