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Chinese Language Services | China Marketing Corp

We can facilitate your language requirements, establish your needs and tailor our services to help you enter the Chinese market. Together, we review your existing content and evaluate whether to utilise this or create new, researched content specifically for China.

Whilst our primary goal is focused on the east, our team has years of experience creating and adapting content for various countries and their markets across the globe. We are able to aid you with any translation or copywriting services as easily and professionally as we are with China, supporting your growth wherever it may be.

Our Services cover:

To ensure the quality of our services we follow a strict process for our Chinese translation and copywriting projects.

Startup Package

We believe in ensuring your content engages the target audience whilst ensuring your brand identity doesn’t suffer in the process. We have created 3 simple yet fundamental services for content creation and adaptation that allow us to secure this goal.

  • Terminology Management

Glossaries are an often overlooked resource that many organisations don’t realise just how important they can be. Whether it’s your services, products or general terminology you’ve built up already, it is essential that these remain consistent in the new language you choose to expand with.

  • Style Guide

Establishing a style guide is something we perform at the same time as creating your glossary. Another important frame of reference, these guides establish how we should handle your content, directing it towards your target audience.

Why go for formal when targeting teens?

You wouldn’t be too informal when addressing prospective clients.
Whether knowingly or naturally, you’ve created a style for your content already and after consulting with us, we will confirm exactly who your customers are and work with you to have them irresistibly captivated.

  • Samples

The third service of this package is to create samples in the target language, using the glossary and style guide to ensure all of our linguists create a piece that will be representative of your future content.

Although our linguists are all very capable and can engage your audience, we understand that everyone has a slightly different way of writing and that you will prefer some to others. We will work with you to select the linguist that best suits the desired style and incorporate any feedback you have from the initial sample and any future projects.