Jinri Toutiao (Today’s Headlines), also known as Toutiao, is one of ByteDance’s flagship products. Since its inception in 2012, it has revolutionised how users consume information. With over 600 million registered users and a staggering 150 million daily active users spending an average of 80 minutes per day on the platform, Toutiao has solidified its position as a leading information aggregator in the digital sphere.

Diversified Offerings Within the ByteDance Ecosystem

The platform’s vast user base has propelled ByteDance to expand its business horizons significantly. Under the ByteDance umbrella, Toutiao has fostered the development of various independent App products, such as Xigua Video (watermelon video) and Wukong Q&A, specialising in video content and question-and-answer services to enrich the user experience and enhance the platform’s stickiness.


Expansive Content Categories and Seamless Integration

Toutiao’s reach extends across over 100 content categories, from technology to sports, contributing to ByteDance’s diversified portfolio. In addition, the platform’s navigation bar is designed to work seamlessly with other ByteDance products. This helps divert traffic towards the platform, making it easier for potential users to discover and access it. As a result, the platform can achieve greater market penetration and reach a wider audience.

User Demographics Insights

Publicly available data sheds light on Toutiao’s diverse user base. Approximately 55% of users identify as male, while 45% are female. Notably, 45% of the user demographic comprises individuals between 25 and 35.

The user base showcases a balanced spread across different city tiers by analysing the geographical distribution. First-tier cities account for 9%, followed by 17% in new first-tier cities, 20% in second-tier cities, and 24% in third-tier cities, displaying a typical urban distribution pattern.


It’s worth noting that Toutiao’s user base consists of people with higher incomes and spending patterns. In fact, over 56% of users have an income higher than the national average. Moreover, they spend about 36% more monthly online shopping than the national average, highlighting their purchasing power.

Strategic Advertising Approaches on Toutiao

Toutiao, powered by advanced AI algorithms, revolutionises advertising by delivering targeted and precise ad placements, optimising platform traffic, and prioritising user experience. This strategic approach enhances advertisers’ cost efficiency and elevates conversion rates.

In an industry where native advertising growth has slowed down, Toutiao’s intelligent advertising technology has become a crucial driver for developing advertising businesses. The platform’s official advertising platform, Ocean Engine, offers advertisers a variety of ad formats tailored to their specific objectives.

Personalised native ads match user browsing habits, reduce ad avoidance, and boost advertising effectiveness using precise targeting techniques.

Leveraging Toutiao for Business Success in China

In essence, advertising on Toutiao goes beyond traditional methods, utilising advanced technology to craft engaging and user-friendly ad experiences while delivering measurable outcomes for advertisers.

For businesses aiming to tap into the Chinese market, follow us as we explore the vibrant realm of Toutiao and learn more about leveraging Toutiao for your success in China.

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