Advertising in China

China has a completely different Internet landscape. The search market is dominated by the local Chinese search engines.

Online advertising in China works differently and it is more diverse and complicated to search marketers.
Did you know Google is not available in China? Google left the market back in 2010, the search engine is not accessible from China along with its products such as Gmail, Google Doc, and more.

Did you know China has a mobile penetration rate of 99.8%? ( The 51th China Statistical Report on Internet Development, 2023)

The Chinese Search Engines

Whilst Google is out of the picture, you will not be able to target China with Google AdWords, and China is too big to ignore, with 1.05 billion Internet users by the end of 2022 and yet still growing. To capture the potential, you would need to think local and use local Chinese search engines and local advertising tools when advertising in China.

There are three key search engines to consider; they are Baidu, 360 Search, Sogou Search, Microsoft Bing and a mobile search engine Shenma Search.

Chinese search engines

Baidu is the leading Chinese search engine in the market dominating the market for years.
360 Search, Chinese search engine powered by Qihoo 360, a technology giant in China offering anti-virus software to millions of Chinese users. You can reach our blog to learn more about 360 Search.
Sogou, 2nd largest Chinese search engine in China, Sogou also empowers search function on WeChat •Bing, the search engine, powered by Microsoft, has experienced significant growth among PC users in mainland China.
Shenma, a dedicated mobile Chinese search engine powered by the e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, whilst China has a staggering mobile penetration, it is very handy to option dedicated to mobile.

China PPC Products to Consider

All local Chinese search engines offer standard search products comply with their specific editorial rules, moreover, they also offer unique advertising options which work extremely well in China.

All 3 major Chinese search engines have their unique advertising products.

Standard Paid Search, the pay per click ads

Brand Ads,  ad blocks appear only on the first position on the search results page. It helps brands to establish a professional brand image and prevent others from ranking for the brand terms.
Brand recognition means a lot in China; therefore, you should always consider brand ads when advertising in China.

DSP, demand-side platform, the most effective way to help you advertise.

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Chinese PPC search engine Baidu
Chinese PPC search engine 360 Search
360 Search
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