How to Optimise Your eCommerce Business for China

China is the world’s second largest economy, and the appetite of the market continued to grow in the last few years. It is projected China eCommerce market will reach 1.6 trillion U.S dollar in 2019. There is also a noticeable tendency that more and more Chinese consumers would buy directly from overseas eCommerce websites and […]

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Chinese Students Summer Holiday Expense Overview
Chinese Students Summer Holiday Expense

In China, most of the schools start the summer holiday at the end of June or early July every year, and students return at the end of August or beginning of September. The whole summer holiday will last for nearly two months. The expense occurring during the 2 months could account for 20% of annual […]

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WeChat Advertising

In our last blog post ‘WeChat and Weixin‘, we have compared the differences between the two networks on WeChat and explained how important it is to get a WeChat account that covers the domestic network for your marketing project in China. Self-service is clearly not a valid option for the situation for the overseas market. […]

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Introduce 360 Search
360 search

360 Search – The 2nd largest Chinese search engine 360 Search – Chinese Search Engine 360 Search is another Chinese search engine you must know besides Baidu! Although Baidu is still the largest local search engine in China, and it is the first option for most of the marketers when expanding their reach in China, […]

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WeChat and Weixin

WeChat and Weixin If you target China, you must have heard of WeChat, the most popular Chinese social media platform. But, do you really know WeChat? WeChat is a mobile-based Chinese social media platform innovated by Tencent, one of the largest Internet service providers. Tencent is in counterpart with Baidu and Alibaba in the China […]

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The Chinese Language

The Chinese Language If you target China, do you know what language you have to use for marketing? They all speak Chinese, right? Chinese is, in fact, a collective way to refer to the languages spoken by the Han ethnic group, which is the biggest ethnic group. There are another 55 groups in China.  Animation […]

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