The lockdowns imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a remarkable surge in Chinese residents’ interest in outdoor sports.  In fact, a survey found that in 2021, a staggering 84% of Chinese residents expressed a strong willingness to participate in outdoor sports.

In 2022, the Chinese government took a significant step by issuing the Outdoor Sports Industry Development Plan, providing a significant boost to the sector.  This plan sets an ambitious target, aiming for China’s outdoor sports industry to surpass 3 trillion yuan by 2025.

The Economic Daily highlights China’s robust economic foundation, with a per capita GDP exceeding $10,000, making it well-suited for the vigorous development of outdoor sports.

The popularity of outdoor sports has led to a booming demand for outdoor equipment. Data from e-commerce platforms reveals that outdoor products are the fastest-growing category within the sporting goods sector.

Further underlining this trend, the White Paper on New Consumption Potential for Q3 2022 reports robust growth in outdoor functional clothing sales.  Hardshell clothing, in particular, witnessed an impressive sales growth of 88.8%.

Chinese outdoor sports enthusiasts exhibit several key characteristics:

– Youthful: Nearly 30% of participants are under 30 years old.

– Affluent: Consumption patterns are concentrated in the 5,000 to 10,000 CNY range.

– Urban Dwellers: They predominantly reside in tier 1 and emerging tier 1 cities.

These consumers gravitate towards highly specialized and intelligent products, hold a strong affinity for brand values, and prefer offline brand stores for their purchases.

Currently, China’s outdoor sports market is still in its early stages, presenting an exceptional opportunity for brands seeking to enter the Chinese market and take the lead.

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