China Live Streaming E-commerce: Part 1 Insights
China’s Live Streaming E-commerce

China Live Streaming E-commerce Development: A Historical Overview Live streaming e-commerce emerged in China in 2016, progressing through three key phases: initial establishment, gradual maturation, and rapid expansion. In 2019, the sector experienced an unprecedented surge. Numerous celebrities, governmental entities, and television networks embraced live streaming, igniting widespread interest and engagement among Chinese consumers. Statistical […]

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China 618 Mid-year Shopping Festival
China e-commerce

The China 618 Shopping Festival is an annual promotional event initiated by, a leading e-commerce powerhouse in China, as a tribute to its founding day. Alongside the Singles’ Day(Double 11) shopping festival introduced by its prominent competitor, Taobao, the 618 Shopping Festival has evolved into one of the most highly anticipated promotions on Chinese […]

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How to Optimise Your eCommerce Business for China

China is the world’s second largest economy, and the appetite of the market continued to grow in the last few years. It is projected China eCommerce market will reach 1.6 trillion U.S dollar in 2019. There is also a noticeable tendency that more and more Chinese consumers would buy directly from overseas eCommerce websites and […]

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