Multinational manufacturer revitalises its recruitment efforts in Greater China

CMC partnered with a leading global manufacturing giant to relaunch its recruitment and talent selection process to attract new candidates in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Our client is a global manufacturing company with a portfolio of well-known brands, employing more than 70,000 people around the world and marketing its products to 150 million consumers.

The company was struggling with talent development in Mainland China and Hong Kong, where the landscape of recruitment platforms and candidate behaviour differs significantly from other markets in which the company operates. The company was spending significant time and money to advertise open positions. It asked CMC to help find a new approach to recruit talent at a lower cost.

Hiring in China

We partnered with the client to undertake local market research to better understand the online behaviour of prospective candidates. This research supported targeting new recruitment platforms.

We supported the client through the procurement and onboarding process, delivered training and technical support for the client’s local HR team, and developed the brand’s image and presence online to provide an attractive and engaging candidate experience.

The company is now an established presence on the top recruitment platforms in Mainland China and Hong Kong, and continues to employ them as its primary talent acquisition tool in these markets.