WeChat Official Account empowers Bright World to attract new customers

CMC supported Bright World’s launch of an Official WeChat Account and enabled it to attract and retain new customers while reducing overheads for its China team.

Bright World is the UK’s leading provider of guardianship services offering host family services, school placement advice, and educational guardian support to students studying in the UK and their families.

Bright World’s China team were engaging with customers using personal WeChat accounts. This led to missed messages, a lack of centralised customer data, and increased workload for the team who found themselves retyping answers to common queries and unable to focus on delivering a great customer experience.

We supported Bright World to migrate from a number of personal staff accounts to a new corporate WeChat Official Account. This included managing the initial account setup, migration of existing customer lists, developing new content and automatic reply functionality to address common customer queries, and delivering comprehensive training for the Bright World China team. The new system allows customer data to be centralised and staff to share the workload, so messages are never missed.


Frequently asked questions are answered automatically and instantly. Analytics enable Bright World to monitor the account performance and target their marketing more effectively. The new account has enabled Bright World to grow its audience, with its follower count 175% higher than before.