Jimuyu (基木鱼), a user-friendly website-building tool operated by Baidu and comparable to platforms such as WordPress and Wix, empowers advertisers to create intelligent websites tailored to their specific needs, providing versatile solutions across diverse scenarios.

Beyond catering to businesses with limited budgets, Jimuyu plays a pivotal role in ensuring the maintenance of standard page quality on the Baidu platform.

For small businesses or those lacking expertise in website building, Baidu mandates the use of Jimuyu when advertising on its platform to guarantee landing page quality. In this scenario, Baidu meticulously reviews the webpage, and failure to meet requirements results in disapproval for usage.

Jimuyu - Baidu Website Builder
Jimuyu landing page template

Moreover, as Baidu hosts web pages developed with Jimuyu, the loading speed is significantly accelerated. Additionally, webmasters /advertisers can conveniently access traffic data through Baidu’s analytic tool, Baidu Tongji, without setting tracking codes. This feature proves particularly advantageous for small advertisers, streamlining their experience and maximising the impact of their campaigns.

The Benefits of Using Baidu Website Builder – Jimuyu

Jimuyu is integral to Baidu’s marketing ecosystem, providing tailored solutions across key stages:

  • Acquisition: Enhance visibility and engagement to attract new customers.
  • Retention: Foster loyalty through personalised and engaging content.
  • Conversion: Optimize the user journey for seamless and effective actions.
  • Remarketing: Maximize the impact of targeted advertising by re-engaging previous users.
Jimuyu - Baidu Website Builder

Jimuyu, as a professional website building tool, supports various landing page options, including:

  • HTML 5
  • Mini program
  • PC Site
Jimuyu - Baidu Website Builder

In addition, Jimuyu offers versatile extensions and widgets for diverse lead conversion needs, including:

  • Phone Call: Enable direct communication.
  • Chatbot: Enhance user engagement with instant responses.
  • Forms: Simplify lead capture through customisable forms.
  • Raffle: Boost engagement with interactive giveaways.
  • Direct Users to WeChat Official Accounts: Seamlessly connect users to your WeChat presence.

With these extensions and widgets, Jimuyu provides a tailored approach to lead conversion, meeting various requirements for effective user interaction.

Jimuyu - Baidu Website Builder

Furthermore, Jimuyu eliminates the need for coding or the hassle of implementing tracking codes. It seamlessly integrates with Baidu products, including Baidu Tongji and the Baidu Phoenix advertising platform. This seamless integration facilitates audience data analysis, content optimisation, and the implementation of advanced bidding strategies like oCPC.

Here are some of the key data features offered by Jimuyu:

  • Data Screening: Effortlessly refine data by time, delivery channel, site type, and page for precise analysis.
  • Data Insights: Dive into a rich pool of data, including page views, phone calls, consultations, form submissions, button clicks, and successful consultations, offering a comprehensive understanding of user interactions.
  • Data Visualization: Explore data trends across various dimensions and monitor 24-hour activity with intuitive visualisations for deeper insights.
  • Data Reporting: Easily access reports in diverse formats and enable hassle-free downloads for convenient analysis and sharing.

Is Jimuyu the Right Choice for International Advertisers?

While Jimuyu offers convenience for small businesses, we advise caution when considering its extensive use for medium-sized and large companies. It can serve as a viable option during the initial phase of entering the Chinese market, especially if you encounter challenges such as:

  • Absence of a Chinese site
  • Slow website  loading speeds and leading to traffic dropout
  • Urgent need to generate leads

However, for a long-term strategy, relying on Jimuyu to build a webpage may compromise brand awareness and hinder data collection. This is primarily because Jimuyu-developed websites operate under Baidu’s domain, diverting valuable traffic away from building up the brand’s own website. In the grand scheme, this approach is not the best practice for either SEO or PPC, and it may not align with sustainable business goals.