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Case Study – China SEO | China Marketing Corp

Electronic component distributor uses SEO to achieve a fourfold increase in organic revenue

CMC’s expert search engine optimisation enabled a distributor of electronic components to more than quadruple its sales revenue from organic traffic and reduce advertising spend.

Our client is an international distributor of electronic components retailing online in more than 40 countries with websites processing more than 5 million orders each year. It launched its Chinese e-commerce operation in 2013.

The company’s operations in China were heavily reliant on paid advertising spend. CMC was tasked with optimising the Chinese market site to improve content discoverability, rank higher on local search engines, and drive a greater volume of high-quality organic traffic.

We have been working with the client and providing full-service tailored support since January 2020. After tackling a range of technical issues, we systematically implemented on-page optimisation for all of the company’s products. We also supported with localisation of marketing materials and delivered a customised content marketing campaign for China to further drive organic traffic.

CMC’s close partnerships with leading search engines, such as Baidu, have proven to be of tremendous value in helping the client to fully optimise its e-commerce operation for the Chinese market. The client’s site now ranks highly on Baidu for 200 more of its target keywords.

Our local partnerships and deep expertise in SEO have together led to astounding results. Organic traffic has more than doubled year-on-year, while sales revenue from organic traffic has more than four times.