Exploring the latest insights from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s data centre reveals the consumer behaviour trends observed during the recent Chinese New Year public holiday.

Demotic Travel

Throughout the 8-day Chinese New Year holiday period, 474 million domestic travellers were recorded, indicating a significant 34.3% increase compared to 2019 and a noteworthy 19.0% surge from the previous year. Domestic visitors spent 632.69 billion Chinese Yuan (approximately GBP 69.3 billion) during the holiday. This expenditure reflects an impressive 47.3% year-on-year increase and a 7.7% rise from the corresponding period in 2019.

International Travel

The holiday season saw approximately 6.83 million international visitors, including 3.6 million outbound travellers and 3.23 million inbound travellers.

Entertainment Industry

The Chinese filming industry delivered an outstanding performance during the 2024 Chinese New Year. According to the State Film Administration, box office revenues surged to an impressive 8.02 billion Chinese Yuan (GBP 87.66 million), setting a new record with 163 million moviegoers. Notably, this year’s Chinese New Year movie lineup predominantly showcased comedy genres, sparking widespread interest and fostering lively discussions across various online platforms.

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