Turbine manufacturer combines PPC and display to supercharge brand awareness in China

CMC helped a leading gas turbine manufacturer navigate the unfamiliar Chinese digital advertising marketplace, empowering them to build their brand awareness in a key market.

Our client designs and manufactures industrial gas turbines deployed around the world in a variety of electrical power generation, marine propulsion, and oil and gas production applications.

The company was preparing a major campaign aimed at increasing brand awareness in China, a primary export market for its products, but faced hurdles in accessing paid advertising platforms as a result of its foreign ownership and corporate structure.

We listened to the client and developed a deep understanding of their business, and provided highly-tailored support to ensure that the campaign would be compliant with Chinese regulations. Our local knowledge and long-standing close partnerships with advertising platforms such as Baidu enabled us to cut through the complexity and overcome administrative barriers.

Thanks to our uniquely-close relationship with Baidu, we were able to obtain the necessary approvals to begin the campaign in two weeks. We partnered with the client’s marketing team to develop the campaign approach, and our technical staff implemented the tracking functionality necessary to enable advanced real-time monitoring and optimisation within their existing platform. Our combined paid search and programmatic display advertising campaign met the client’s objectives and supported the company’s goal to improve brand awareness in the Chinese market.