Short Video Platforms Are Thriving in China

The rise of short video platforms such as Douyin in China is one of the most significant changes in the Chinese media landscape in recent years. Short videos are becoming increasingly popular among Chinese audiences. There are over 500 million daily active users on these platforms combined, and it is clear that these short video platforms have become an integral part of Chinese culture.

Video Content Are More Engaging

Videos are a more effective way of conveying messages and engaging with users. The combination of visuals and audio, allows users to take in the information more quickly and feel more resonated. This is especially true for complex topics, as video content can be easier to understand than text-based content. Moreover, with the increasing popularity of video streaming services, it is now easier to create and share short videos that can reach a broad audience.

Easy Access

China has a very high mobile penetration rate. 99.6% of internet users would use mobile devices to browse the internet. And the Chinese government has also been investing heavily in internet infrastructure, making it possible for people to access the internet anywhere at any time. Both factors provide the perfect environment for short video platforms to grow. Although there are many platforms in the market, the key player to watch is Douyin.

What is Douyin? Is it Tiktok?

Douyin is a Chinese social media App allowing users to record and share short videos. It was launched in 2016 by Beijing-based tech company Bytedance. Douyin launched its international services in 2017 recognised as Tiktok outside of China. It merged with in 2018 to expand its reach globally. In summary, Douyin and TikTok are two different platforms. For instance, Chinese users have different feeds and features on the App besides the operating language.

TikTok vs Douyin

Douyin – The NO.1 Short Video Platform in China 

China Internet Users

By June 2022, China had 962 million short video platform users, accounting for 91.5% of total internet users. ( The 50th Statistical Report on China’s
Internet Development, CNNIC)

Moreover, There are 600 million daily active users on Douyin, and on average, users spend over 2 hours online daily.

iMedia Research (2021 Report) also mentioned that 45.2% of participants indicated that Douyin is their most frequently used short video platform.

Douyin Provides Opportunities For Business Growth In China

Douyin Statistics 2022

Reaching The Right Audiences

Douyin offers extensive online coverage and has a higher engagement rate. However, how do businesses benefit from an entertainment App like Douyin?

Douyin can help business accounts reach the right audience with precise targeting solutions. 

Douyin and other Bytedance group platforms share a data pool of 1.9 billion monthly active users. The sheer volume of data helps brands understand their audiences better. By pushing the right content to the right audience, brands can ultimately reach better conversions and return on investment.

KOL and KOC Marketing Opportunities

Besides the enormous reach, it is an excellent place to find and recruit influencers too. As of 2018, over 30k influencers registered on Douyin, according to Sika Data. These resources make KOL and KOC (key opinion customer ) marketing more accessible and help brands reach broader potential consumers.

E-commerce and Sales Opportunities

E-commerce is one of the key features of Douyin. As of June 2022, 44.6% of internet users from China have shopped via live-streaming videos. ( CNNIC 2022 data) And Douyin alone, reached a gross merchandise volume of 1.4 trillion Chinese Yuan ( £168.4 billion) in 2022.


In conclusion, Douyin is an effective channel for brands to reach Chinese consumers. It should not be part of the marketing plans for brands.

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