Graco reaches new customers with high-impact Baidu PPC campaign

The market leader in fluid handling enlisted CMC to design and execute a paid search campaign to build new customer relationships and increase brand recognition in China.

Graco is a global market leader in fluid handling solutions. Founded in the United States in 1926, it now employs more than 3,500 staff and serves customers in over 100 countries around the world. China is a market of vital importance for Graco thanks to its large manufacturing sector, and the company’s Asia-Pacific headquarters is located in Shanghai.

A paid search campaign delivered by a previous partner had not delivered the results Graco was hoping for, with poor click-through rates and few conversions. The company enlisted CMC’s help to deliver a high-performance Baidu PPC campaign to drive traffic to its Chinese-language website.

To ensure our advertising communicated effectively with Graco’s customers, we worked hard to understand the technical complexity of its industrial products and clearly convey the brand message and product features through highly-engaging copywriting.

We restructured Graco’s existing advertising mix, introduced new ad formats to illustrate product benefits better, and implemented a suite of tracking and analytics tools to help Graco better understand user behaviour and integrate this understanding with its other analytics platforms. The results speak for themselves: click-through rates on Graco’s new Baidu PPC campaign are 87% higher than industry benchmarks, and the business saw a fivefold increase in conversions from April to November.